Friday, May 15, 2015

We'll Pause Now for This Station Break

2015 has been a whirlwind already.  As I noted in an earlier blog ("I Can Do This"), I over committed to activities and, believe it or not, I am STILL paying for it physically and mentally.  It was all good stuff, but even the little tasks that only take one or two hours a week or happen only once a month will add up to a demanding, energy-draining schedule. 

Just yesterday, I forgot my fundamental rule for personal energy management: "Do no more than one event a day."  I had blood drawn in the morning, then saw my PCP in the afternoon, then had to spend time at the pharmacy. Sounds like no big deal, but it exhausted me and I had to cancel an evening event (but it's only once a month).

Okay, Universe, message received.

Now that the MS Walks are finished (we raised $11,000!) and I have very few hanging commitments, I'm clearing my schedule to spend some time recharging and reflecting. Coincidentally, blogger Cathy Chester (from "An Empowered Spirit") feels the same way and wrote a beautiful post called "Renewal: It's Time For Me to Take a Short Break." She's more eloquent on the subject, so I'm referencing her post here:

As Cathy says in her post

"The year 2015 has been filled with many challenges for us and I need a chance to breathe. Like the budding flowers in our garden I, too, want a chance to feel renewed."

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  1. You can veg in your wonderful sunroom and read The Last Chinese Chef! Congrats again on your big contribution to MS research!