Friday, June 26, 2015

Insecurities: Arise!

There is nothing like being with some of the best MS bloggers and writers in the US to stir up my insecurities.  So when I'm insecure, I blog.

In a few hours, I'm heading to the Philly airport to go to Chicago for an all-expenses paid, Novartis-sponsored MS Bloggers Forum where I'll have a chance to schmooze with some of my favorite MS writers and activists. This is the second time I've been invited, and I'm honored to be asked to come back.  I don't know the complete line-up of luminaries, but here are a few that I'm excited to meet or to see again.

While I'm waiting for the car to pick me up, I'm re-reading Matt Cavallo's "7 Steps to Living With a Chronic Illness" and Yvonne deSousa's very funny "MS Madness."  I'm looking forward to seeing my vibrant guru Jon Chandonnet, whose book, "Shadow Summit," I reviewed back in 2013. I can't wait to see Lisa Emrich again, whose blog "Brass and Ivory" and her work with,, and numerous other health groups helps to make sense of medical information. Then there's Dave Bexfield of Active MSers fame, whose humor makes me forgive the fact that he's so darn active in spite of MS.

But while I wait and realize who I'm going to see, I feel like Bill and Ted (Wayne's World) when they are about to meet Alice Cooper, and my brain keeps chanting their famous line: "We're Not Worthy".  

See you in Chicago, blogger buddies!




  1. You are still alive! Lovely. I'm getting teary-eyed because I think another blogger I know of might not be alive any longer. Today someone said she was out of spoons and I knew what she meant, but I always liked the beer theory better. Perhaps that's because I heard that analogy first, over on And that's what led me to you. You linked to that writers page in 2008, but every link I've found today is dead. Even the FB page that followed hasn't had a new post since 2012.

    I hope your trip to Chicago is/was good, and you had enough beer. When you get the chance, would you mind looking to see if you have a copy of the Beer Theory somewhere?

    I'm a well spouse caregiver, by the way. My wife was dx with RRMS in 2004. Before school starts again this fall our daughter and son will be 16 and 13, respectively. For the last few years my wife has been unable to do more than take herself from bed to bathroom and back, as needed. Since 2008 until earlier this year I was able to work from home, but I've had to take new employment recently, so I work about 10 minutes away now.

    I look forward to reading your blog, and I hope you are still able to get around for a long time.

    1. Hi John,
      Good to hear from you! Here's the link to The Beer Theory:

      Thanks for sharing your story. I hope we can find a cure soon.