Sunday, July 12, 2015

There Are No Guarantees in Nature

So the Bluebirds didn't win after all. 

While reporting that we had two eggs in our Eastern Bluebird nest, I said that there are NO guarantees in nature.  And today, I discovered that there are now NO eggs in the nest box.

This is not the first time that we've discovered missing eggs.  In fact, about 55-80% of Eastern Bluebird nesting attempts fail (ref: 

As always, there is no evidence to explain what happened: no egg shell pieces, no flattened nest or grass areas, no footprints, no smoking gun. The nest box is mounted on a metal pole protected by a baffle and out in the open. The nest is low in the box so the eggs were deep in the box.

It's possible that wrens or sparrows are the guilty party.

Yet, somehow, life finds a way to go on. So will I.


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