Friday, March 25, 2016

Grateful For Bike Across the US For MS

As you may know, my MS fatigue has worsened and I am no longer able to captain our beloved (and famous) MS walk team, the Wheeler's Wobblers.  Although I don't have a lot of energy to fundraise, a local friend certainly does. 

Julia van der Veur is going to bicycle across the US to raise money for MS in May. So if you are interested in continuing to donate to the MS cause, I’d like to suggest that you support Julia in her ambitious goal to raise $4,295 (a dollar a mile).

Julia is riding with an organization called “Bike the US for MS,” and will be riding the Northern Tier from Bar Harbor, Maine, to Seattle, Washington beginning May 28th.  Monies raised go to the National MS Society’s NOW program for research, as well as to three MS centers. Bikers stop along the route to perform service projects for people living with MS, including home modifications.

To donate to Julia via credit card, click on her page and press the orange button to donate:

If you prefer to send a check, make a check out to Bike the US for MS (with Julia van der Veur in the memo line) and mail to: Bike the US for MS, Box 10001, Blacksburg, VA 24062.

I want to just express my gratitude to Julia for helping to raise money for MS research and programs.


  1. Hello Joan. I saw the following news article and thought of you.

    Sincerely -- Don (still back at Hanover)

    1. Hi Don,
      This information came out a few years ago, and the actual results varied so it is not a "cure." I know people who spent a lot of money for the treatment and felt great immediately after, but then they reverted back. I even know one woman who had it done twice, but she still can't walk.

      Nice to hear from you!