Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Unmothers’ Day

(This is a re-post from 2008. I have noticed a lot of mothers who
find Mother's Day to be too much work, and would also like to have
an "UnMother's Day." This post is not for them.)

To the many women who do not have children, I wish you a Happy Unmothers’ day.

Whether you are child-free, or childless by choice or circumstances beyond your control, I recognize you on this day.

You will not receive chocolates, flowers, or be taken out for brunch; you will not receive a pretty card or get a phone call; but at the same time you will not be disappointed if you do not receive special attention.

In my eyes, you are still a valued member of society and worthy of honor.


  1. Thank you Joan. I may not have children of my own, but I do have 25 kiddos who performed for me today in our annual Mother's Day/Spring music recital. Many of my kids have been with me for up to 9 years and by then almost feel related. To all the fellow unmothers out there, Happy Day.

  2. Thanks Joan. I am also an unmother, although some may tell you otherwise.

  3. Joan,
    I have had such strong feelings over the years about being or not being a mother. I haven't got a maternal or even parental bone in my body. I don't understand the drive that most people seem to have about becoming a parent. Maybe it's like FORTRAN or time travel for of those things I'll never get.
    Thank you for your post.


  4. I never thought about having children as I was too busy trying to reach my dreams--and when I got MS, decided definitely not to as my mom also had MS in a catastrophic way and I didn't want to pass on my genes--a very simple but firm decision. NO Never regretted it. On Mother's Day, went to get fried clams with my sisters, their kids and the one husband left in the family--it was a wonderful time. Being an Aunt is a very satisfying role. Thank you for your kind thoughts about Mother's Day