Sunday, June 24, 2007

How I Did Not Spend My Summer Vacation

I should be on a two-week summer vacation right now.

Earlier this year, we had planned to attend the bi-annual Volksmarch convention in Sacramento this week. We would have walked 6 – 10 miles every day in a number of cities between Carson City, Nevada, and San Francisco, California. We would have stopped in Lake Tahoe and visited Napa Valley. It would have been a wonderful and beautiful vacation, and we would have added two state capitols to our list of capitols we have walked.

But it would have taken three weeks to recover!

Although it was my decision to cancel due to my declining leg strength and increasing fatigue, I am NOT feeling sorry for myself (and the husband is not upset which helps). Yesterday, with the weather being balmy and so pleasant, we walked around the block (I love the new leg brace!), then sat on the bank of the pond behind the house and watched a green egret fishing, turtles sunning, and frogs hiding in the mud. We were just enjoying the moment, the weather, our house, and each other.

Then I sat in the sun with the cooling breeze behind me and read “The Freedom Writers Diary.” WOW! What a great book and such a compelling story. I was so touched that I watched the movie on PPV. These teenagers have experienced so much war and violence in their own neighborhoods that it seems like a different county. I feel like I have experienced so much by reading the diaries of these teenagers from California.

I experienced more relaxation in one day than I would have in a two-week vacation.

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