Saturday, June 30, 2007

You know you've had MS too long when...

You know you've had MS too long when you understand this headline:
Cerebrospinal fluid oligoclonal bands and progression of disability in multiple sclerosis

The identification of oligoclonal bands in my spinal fluid was the final nail in the diagnosis coffin, so that word stuck in my head. Also, it's fun to try to pronounce!

The article reports that "There were no differences in presence or number of CSF OCB between patients with stable relapsing-remitting MS and patients developing secondary progression during follow-up. The presence or number of CSF OCB does not seem to influence early disease progression in MS..."

What that means is that there is no correlation between the amount of gunk in spinal fluid and disability. Now you know...

For the record, here is the source:
Authors: Koch, M.; Heersema, D.; Mostert, J.; Teelken, A.; Keyser, J. De
Source: European Journal of Neurology, Volume 14, Number 7, July 2007 , pp. 797-800(4)
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing;jsessionid=4gtgu8oh9988s.henrietta

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  1. Hi Joan,
    I found your blog through a link on Linda’s Brainchesse blog and I am very happy to have followed it ( the link that is ) . I love your writing style and we seem so parallel on this road MS put us on….I am secondary progressive now also( hate the term..) and my left foot /leg ensemble has been giving me a lot of headaches…It took me forever to get a handicap sticker but now I use it relentlessly . I could not accomplish anything without it…Not that I am on a race to split the atom or something important like that , but in my tinny Universe grocery shopping is as important.. LOL…