Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going Back to School Sure Has Changed!

I remember when I was in elementary school, junior high, high school. Mom would always get us new clothes, or I would inherit hand-me-downs (which were new to me). We would get new shoes, new tablets and pencils. There was such excitement and worry over who would be in my classes, what teachers I would get, what quirk I would be teased about that year.

Thirty years later, I am getting ready to start my first semester at Drexel University (in Philadelphia) for my Masters, but I'm taking the on-line version of the program so all my classes will be done from home. So instead of new school supplies, I've gotten a new e-mail account. Instead of a new lock for my locker, a new password for the DrexelOne Portal. Instead of a new wardrobe, a new printer cartridge.

There is still the same excitement and angst about starting something new, but this time it is because I'm not sure how this on-line "Blackboard" is going to work. Instead of worrying if the teacher will like me, I'm wondering if the teacher will FIND me!

Should I polish an apple just in case?


  1. Joan, that's so exciting! What are you getting your Masters Degree in?
    How do the professors connect with you? Do you use a webcam?

  2. Aunt joan, congrats on school and maybe you should polish your mouse instead of an apple!! Frank,,,,,,,,

  3. I'll be anxious to hear how you do with online classes. I don't have enough self discipline.
    And once again, excellent blog....I still say you should write a book! I look forward to reading your blogs!!!

    Love you!! Barb/Bubbie :-)

  4. WOOHOO! At least you won't have to pull an "all-nighter" and wonder if your professor is "on" to you...unless, of course, that webcam IS part of the deal...LOL

    Congrats...I admire anyone who continues to learn and grow.

    Linda D. in Seattle

  5. Hmmm ... dunno. Is your apple a Macintosh?

  6. Very happy for you Joan.

    I'll shelve books for you anytime. *grin*

  7. Thanks to all for your words of support!!!
    To respond to lots of questions: I'm going for the Masters in Library and Information Science. I really needed something to challenge me, and I'm not up for the MS Challenge Walk any longer.

    I don't know if it's due to the MS or age (48), but I've decided that I'm not going to continue to do a job I don't enjoy for the next 20-ish years (until retirement), so this is a career change for me.

    No web cam, fortunately! I'll let you know more next week.

  8. oh wow! this is so exciting! i am thinking of doing the school thing again too. is it truly possible to do all your schooling from home? it sounds so...jetsons like. i love school and i miss it so. i am 42 now and haven't been in school since i was 30 and going for a master's degree in social work. i am very anxious to hear how this goes for you. i would love to go for a degree in occupational therapy or writing.

    you are a true inspiration. please keep writing in your blog.

  9. I think what you are doing is just wonderful and am in awe that you are planning for your next 20 years of employment! Inspiring!

  10. Wonderful news -- keep us posted

  11. Aunt Joan, I am very excited for you, plus you had me cracking up. You are too funny!. Now remember I know it's been a long time but you must be on time, eat a good breakfast so you are nice and alert! Good Luck and I love you!