Saturday, November 17, 2007

Status Update

The neuro completed the paperwork for my disability insurance and I received a copy today. Looks okay to me, not sure if there is any supporting paperwork that will be sent next or what it will say.

The neuro wants me to see a psychiatrist to determine if he can put me on Ritalin. That is the next medication to experiment with for Multiple Sclerosis fatigue, apparently. Does anyone have experience with Ritalin for adults with MS fatigue? Good / bad results? I had very bad side effects from Provigil, and Amantadine only works for a few weeks at a time and dries me out.
What about naps instead of drugs? Why do I have to keep pumping myself full of drugs and then other drugs to counteract the side effects from the first drug?

Am still trying to find a psychiatrist that uses my insurance, sees adults, and is accepting new patients. After making 19 phone calls last week, no luck.
Are there really that many crazy people in this world that getting in to see a shrink is so hard?

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  1. I experience MS fatigue, but it comes in waves...a few weeks fatigued, then okay for a month or so. I tried Provigil during one bout, but didn't like the effect and turned to naps instead.

    Can't believe the hell you are going through just trying to get to see a doc. That's exactly why I keep harping on the "health care crisis" topic on my site.

    Best of luck to you -- I'll be checking in on your blog now and then to see how you're doing. I'll be pulling for you!

  2. oh is bad enough to have MS but then to have to endure all of this nonsense when you are just trying to help just...horrible. i am so sorry you are having to go through all of this.

  3. I feel bad for you, I cannot believe the BS either. I hope things start turning around for you.

  4. "What about naps instead of drugs? "

    Ummm, I'm not sure if that will quite work ...

  5. Hi Joan:

    MS Fatigue is just the worst. And I refuse to take one more pill for something I can manage without more side effects. I don't take interferons but I do take 32 pills in the AM and 16 in the PM, mostly supplements.

    For fatigue, I use a diet patch for four hours a day, most days. It doesn't "speed me up", just gives me that extra umph that I need to get stuff done.

    I only use it for 4 hours instead of the recommended 12 because more than 4 hours makes me spacy and sometimes "speedy" or "jittery".

    My first few neuros referred me to a psychiatrist. Being a medical professional myself, I was insulted because I felt he doubted all my symptoms were MS related.

    In reality, he didn't want to put me on an anti-depressant without covering his ass.

    I have been using the diet patch for almost three years now. I usually put it on after I've been up and about for 4 to 6 hours - just when the fatigue starts to rear its ugly head. I rest for the first hour of patch, then I am able to get up and continue with tasks that normally put me down for the count.

    I especially like to use it when I know I have just too many errands to do or too much "stuff" going on in one day. It definitely does not act as a weight loss patch on me!

    Your primary can order the patch for you - no psychiatrist needed for that. There are several prescription brands - all are basically the same. I get mine mail order for $39 for 3 months supply.

    Because I only use it 4 hours at a time, the weight loss aspect doesn't really kick in (although it would be ok if it did), so if you are worried about losing too much weight, don't worry.

    My 3 month supply now lasts 6 months. I use the patch now every other day because I am doing better with the fatigue. You would have to adjust it to your own lifestyle but 4 hours is the limit to avoid nasty side effects.

    Please ask your family doc about this. The last thing any of us welcome is another damn pill.

    Let me know how you make out.
    Take care,