Thursday, December 13, 2007

I’m Awake Today

I’m awake today
It is good to see you
Hope you kept busy
While I slept.

Sorry I couldn’t visit with you
Sorry I couldn’t help around the house
Sorry I couldn’t go to work
I slept so long and so deep.

Oh, look at those lovely flowers!
The brilliance of the sun!
The bright blue of the sky!
They were dull and colorless in my dreaming.

Oh, smell that baking bread!
This fruit is so juicy!
The iced tea is cold and sweet!
They were bland and warm in my dreaming.

I love to see you smile!
Hear your laugh!
Taste your kiss!
But you were absent in my dreaming.

I don’t know how long I will stay awake
There seems to be nothing I can do
To remain here with you
When the Sirens of the sleep call to take me back.

I’m sorry I will bring you pain
When I sleep so long
The Sirens’ Song is so compelling
And I hear it now.

Written by Joan, May 2002
Note: The Sirens is a reference to the Sirens in Greek Mythology – birds with women’s bodies whose songs were so sweet they would lure seamen to jump overboard to their deaths. Odysseus survived the Siren’s lure by putting melted wax in his crew’s ears, insisting that he be tied to the mast and not released no matter how badly he begged until they were past their range. He was able to hear their song, but not die.
The Argonauts survived because Orpheus was with them, and he was able to out sing (out shine) their music.
It is possible to survive an encounter or to outwit the Sirens, but only if there are others around you who can help you by preventing your plunge into the cold, dark, deep sea to your death.

Additional note Aug 2002 – Although this was written originally to describe my experiences with depression, and the differences between days of clarity and happiness vs. the days of fog and depression, I noticed that it is just as applicable to my fatigue. I opened up the word processor to write about fatigue, and was surprised to see this.


  1. Joanie - your writings, your poetry, and your thoughts continually inspire me!!! Your blog entry's inspire those who have MS, yes, but they also inspire those of us who don't. I continually look forward to ready more of your posts!!!
    Love you, Barb

  2. Evidently, I haven't had enough coffee this morning....after re-reading my comment and seeing all the misspelled words or just plain wrong words, I'm stopping and going for more coffee!!


  3. i just read this...and i didn't know what it was about exactly...but i felt your words and i started to cry. captured depression perfectly.