Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh What a Relief it is...

My claim for disability (short term) was approved by the insurance company, which is a relief. I received my first check yesterday so I can now pay the bills. But this claim is only valid through the end of January then will be re-evaluated. I'll worry about that later.

Now that I've been off from work for a few weeks, I've discovered that the fatigue is still always present but I can deal with it better. It's okay if I get hit with a mega-wave of fatigue when I don't have a meeting to sit through or a report due. Or if I wake up and don't have the energy to take a shower, it's okay.

Now the trick is to just get through the holidays...


  1. That's wonderful news !!! I know exactly how relieved you must feel !!! i wouldn't worry too much about reevaluating the claim, it's their way to cover their side of liability. MS is a chronic , progressive condition and they know that.
    If you need the name of a disability lawyer i'd be more than happy to direct you to mine...
    Rest and rejoice

  2. I'm so happy that your disability went thru!!!!! Hopefully, it will help you enjoy the holidays a bit easier since the stress of worrying about that is gone.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah to all who are reading this!!!


  3. oooh you got it! this is really good news! i am so glad for you.

  4. just stopping by again to wish you a very merry christmas! you are so appreciated with all you do and give here for your readers. much love and peace to you friend.

  5. Congrats! Less stress ... hopefully.

  6. As my mother used to say, "I TOLD you I was sick!"...guess the disability guru's finally figured that out about your claim. Take a deep breath of relief in...

    Linda D. in Seattle

  7. Thanks to ALL of you for your supportive comments! The disability check helped with the holiday bills. This disability expires at the end of January, so I hope it gets renewed. I will soon post about the results of my sleep testing. -Joan