Thursday, April 3, 2008

The beginning of spring beauty

Another view from the back yard.

The Bradford Pear trees are just starting to bloom, the weather is still cool enough that the pond is not all scummy, my neighbor's garden is getting colorful. Ahhh...


  1. What a beautiful view of spring. We have had an intense winter of snow here so it is still melting but your picture gives me hope.

  2. Joanie, your pictures give me hope that spring is going to finally come to PA. I CAN'T WAIT!! Beautiful pictures!! I can see why you love to sit out there.

  3. Hey, Joan...

    I've been going around to my fav blogs and apologizing for my neglectful ways of checking in! Love the pictures...they remind me of Spring and that hope is on the horizon. Thanks...

    Linda D. in Seattle