Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Calm before the bugs

It is 9:30 at night and 69 degrees. I was just drinking orange tea on the back porch in the dark, listening to the spring peepers sing and the breeze blow in the naked trees. A pale hint of white floated where the pear trees are beginning to develop their blossoms. The clouds played hide-and-seek with the stars of the late winter sky, soon to be lost when they rise no more in the night sky and the constellation Orion is replaced with Scorpio.

I had just returned from a women’s spiritual gathering and needed more time to process the wonderful discussion and rituals I had experienced, so spent some time outside. Just being. It was a chance to remind myself of my connection to the trees, the clouds, the stars.

Why don’t I do this more often? Bugs. This unusually warm night for April brought me out before the bugs could wake up and feast on me. It was a lovely night to remember and cherish – while I can.

picture credit: http://www.sugarshock.net/zeo/card_blanks/clip_backs/night-moon.jpg


  1. Joanie - can you take an overdose of vitamin C with the meds you take for MS? Dad used to OD on Vitamin C and the extra C that can't be absorbed by your body excretes thru your skin.......humans can't smell it but mosquitoes hate it. Just a thought so you can enjoy summer nights outside more often.

  2. plenty warm here in philly too ... good thing for the garden!

  3. It will be a few more weeks before we see the bugs here in Nova Scotia, if ever again. Man, this winter has been a long one and it's not over yet.
    Coincidentally, getting home yesterday, I thought I heard a peeper...but it was a bird. Not sure if we've had any out yet.