Friday, April 11, 2008

Let’s support our student researchers!

Here is your chance to add a "positive experience" to your life (GRIN).

PLEASE support this on-line research survey on the emotional experience and quality of life with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Robert Spencer from the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus is conducting this study for his dissertation. This internet survey requires the participation of both a person with MS and someone who knows them well (has regular contact). My husband and I just finished it, and it only took about 15 minutes. Robert is looking for 120 participants by May 1, and I suspect that once the blog-o-sphere knows about it, he’ll get what he needs. (He should get at least two participants from my blog!)

This survey is intended to examine the emotional aspects of multiple sclerosis (MS). Your participation is much appreciated and will hopefully help patients, family members, and medical professionals better understand the experiences of people with MS.

According to Robert Spencer:
“I'm looking at the impact of emotional symptoms on the quality of life (rated by the individual with MS and the person who knows them). I am especially interested in the impact of emotional liability, like easily-triggered episodes of laughter and crying and its effects on people's lives.
UMBC has participated in MS research here and there, but this will be the
first study on MS in about 9 years. The follow-up in the fall will be the

If you are willing to help, please go to the survey at

If you have any questions before completing this survey, please contact the investigator, Robert Spencer, at 410-802-3751 OR


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