Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Piece-Full Life

I can’t do as much as I once did, but I can lead a somewhat normal life if I break tasks into pieces.

For example, cutting the grass: I was able to start the NEW lawnmower thanks to the KEY START! No more pulling and pulling and pulling on the cord, which would have wiped my energy. Anyway, I cut about 1/3 of the backyard grass; went inside for a lay down for about 15 minutes. Had a drink and went back out. I cut the other 1/3 or so, went inside for a longer nap and a snack. Later went out and cut the remaining 1/3. Although it took me 3x longer than it used to, I DID IT! And I’m getting exercise and chance to be outside again.

The next morning I started weeding the front flower beds. I pulled about ½ the weeds in the small front bed, then went in to take a nap. I did a little more a little later. Then another nap.

This afternoon I was talking to The Husband outside but got tired so sat down in the grass. He sat down beside me. Then our neighbors saw us sitting in the grass and came over for a nice chat. Just a little piece of socializing. It was nice.

My life can be full when taken in small pieces.



  1. I will always respect and admire you for dealing with having MS as well as you have. You take the bad and turn it into doable. Not so sure I could do that. I don't think you know the admiration I have for you. But since you are my sister, I'm not allowed to say that without adding something bad like, "She has kooties!" hahaha Love ya, sis!!!

  2. Wonderful outlook and management of fatigue. When I am fortunate enough to have a day completely free of other obligations, I enjoy tackling tasks in shorter bits. I remember a time that 10 minutes of housework would require a 20 minute break. It may take longer to get stuff done, but it is possible!

  3. Permission to remain "at ease", Sailor... :-)

    Linda D. in Seattle

  4. The trick for me is to actually take the breaks; I tend to push myself to get a project DONE, then rest. Unfortunately the rest part ends up turning into the whole day following the project.

    Kudos to you for being ABLE to break up projects to take the breaks.

    Incidentally, and certainly none of my beeswax, but why doesn't THE HUSBAND mow the grass and you take on a less strenuous project? I'm just sayin' LOL - if one is lucky enough to have a husband and a key start mower, it has his name written all over it.

  5. Aha Anne,
    First, The Husband is really, really OLD (much older than I am) and is often sick.
    Second, I enjoy being outside and walking. Cutting the grass (the flat parts, any way) is like a walking meditation albeit using a noisy, vibrating walker. So it is something I enjoy doing.

    HOWEVER, when it is HOT, The Husband gets stuck cutting everything, OLD or not!

  6. I am one to finish what I start, I also believe I have MS to slow me down. You are absolutely correct about enjoying life in little pieces. My grandsons remind me in the summer when I am in the heat working in the yard, " Papa don't you think it's about time for a break". They are always right, even if I just started something. I love your comments about MS & Life. Paul

  7. yes...this is exactly do what you can when you can. breaks are absolutely essential. so good to see you my friend!