Sunday, April 13, 2008

Was This a Message From Beyond?

The University of Delaware offers a lawn mower tune up service every April. We have never used this service – until this weekend.

I talked The Husband into taking our lawn mower for a tune up –hey, only $35, it’s right up the street, it will help the students, and we’ll finally get this thing out of the shed (there is a small jungle in our yard…).

So off it went to be serviced. But when The Husband brought it home today, he was fuming about the fact that now it wouldn’t start. He began tinkering all the while swearing and poking and banging and swearing and clanging and swearing. I immediately went into “Nagging Wife” mode, something that comes a little too easily to me I noticed, and demanded that we take it back up to the college RIGHT NOW and get our money back. After a million more pulls on the cord with no sign of life, I went into “Major Nagging Wife” mode and The Husband, being the incredibly smart man that he is, pushed it back to the truck.

The guys (yes, they were all males) went into “Really Helpful” triage mode, probably sensing that they were dealing with “Potential Volcano Woman” and started tinkering and poking and banging and clanging. There was a LOT of head scratching and pulling on the cord hoping for some small sign of life (hey, there was a spark!). After a while, they started shaking their heads and in hushed tones asked us to go home and they would call us later, once they figured out what the heck had gone wrong.

They called after a few hours. They couldn’t fix it, and had even taken it to Sears who also couldn’t fix it. They were prepared to compensate us, which The Husband handled eloquently, details are not relevant here.

Here’s the weird part. When The Husband went back to the college to make final arrangements for the dead lawn mower, it was pointed out that there was a big crack in a piece that connects some stuff which, if it had not been discovered right away, would have caused the blade to fly off while the lawn mower was in use.

Imagine if you will the voice of Rod Serling saying: “Was the inability of the mower to start just bad luck? Was it a fluke mechanical failure? Or was it really a cosmic warning from beyond? Was a dead relative sending a message to “get rid of this before you lose a leg!”

You decide.

doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo…


  1. I'm voting on the "voodoo doo doo", instead of the "doo doo doo doo"! Which I guess is the same thing YOU are saying...LOL

    Glad no one was injured in the process of THIS remake of the Twilight Zone...

    Linda D. in Seattle

  2. I'm with Linda...strong voo doo.


  3. I would say a blessing in disguise.

  4. Time for a push mower without a motor? Or perhaps, a lawn service.

    U Del, eh? And here I am just up the street from ya!

  5. I love this story.....I believe in "another life beyond" or "spirits" so I'm betting that someone who loves you and "The Husband" were watching over you both!!! Great story!!!