Wednesday, May 28, 2008

33 seconds

That’s how long I was able to yell “GOAL” without taking a breath when the Pittsburgh Penguins scored their second goal of game three (Stanley Cup Final). (35 seconds when they made their third!) When I was finished, my own ears were ringing! I couldn’t stop laughing – is that called ‘emotional liability’? Oxygen deprivation? Or just relief?

To my Philadelphia friends and relatives, sorry ‘bout them Flyers.

PICTURE – that’s my sister, Tina. The one who never gets on line, so she won’t know that she is the featured model du jour.

Final score: I don’t know yet. I hope I can sustain enough energy to watch the third half of the game. This is too much excitement for me! Broken sticks, fights, displaced nets, fights, power plays, fights. Score is too close! Woo hoo!



  1. HEY!!! I always knew you liked her best!!! Humpf They won by the way.

  2. The whole city is abuzz since Sidney Crosby is from here....went to bed last night when the score was 2-1....


  3. From the city of Liberty and Cheese-Steaks ... we'll get you next year, ya bunch of iron-bangers.

  4. Hey mdmhvonpa: At least you've got a pretty good baseball team so far!

    Hey Shauna: where are you from???

    Hey Barb (Giggles): I wonder if Tina will ever see this???

  5. I live in Halifax.....Sid is from across the harbour in a place called Cole Harbour.....

    the other night they brought in a couple of big screen TVs and set up the system at Sid's home rink so the fans could watch it all together. Same for tomorrow night....It'll be packed.

    I think they're also planning on bringing in a dryer for the kids to take aim at during the breaks (the story is that Sid grew up playing hockey with his mother's dryer as a goal net).