Saturday, May 3, 2008

Help Wanted: Math Genius to Calculate Recovery Times

Successful candidate must be able to determine how long it will take for energy levels to return to 'normal' after various energy expenditures.

Candidate must first quantify ‘normal’ energy, so must be fluent in sub-zero mathematics, quantum physics, and really small numbers. Additional experience in the energy expenditures of slugs will be a plus. Live slugs preferred.

First task after accepting the job will be to calculate how soon energy levels will return to 'normal' after volunteering at the Delaware MS Society’s Crankin for a Cure bike ride. Variables include:

Up at 0600
Helped for almost four hours doing whatever was needed for a wonderful organization.
Met lots of very interesting and fun people.
Felt high degree of gratitude for the people who showed up to ride to raise money for the MS Society.
Had a darn good time.

Interested candidates should submit their applications as a comment to this blog. Show your work. Take your time.



  1. Um, yeh, could you define 'normal' for me please? Then explain what 'energy' is...I'm less familiar with that these days. thanks.

  2. Lisa: When I hire this genius (who will probably determine that 'normal' is a VERY small quantity and 'energy' is a non-existant substance), I'll send him/her your way!

  3. It appears buried deep within this post that you volunteered for the MS Walk!!! Fatigue aside (which is a very difficult thing to PUSH aside, BTW), THANK YOU!!

    Linda D. in Seattle

  4. Ouch, sounds like asymptotic would hurt (grin).

    We volunteered at the Delaware MS Society's 'Crankin for a Cure' bicycle ride on Saturday. We showed up to help with registration but weren't really needed until lunch (around 10:00 am) where we (The Husband and I) staffed the drinks table. That involved dunking donated drinks into pails of ice. Cool!

    It never ceases to amaze me how interesting these bicycle events are. The people are so much fun.