Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Water Broke

Water pump, that is.

That’s why the car had a seizure last Sunday, she just got too hot. After three days of IV steroids, she is almost back to normal (sorry for the sick MS humor). Seriously, she is back home and running just fine. The car, that is.

Today was my first day on Long Term Disability through my company’s insurance so I’m not losing any water (sweat) over income worries for a little while longer. I spoke with the attorney assigned to me (by the insurance company) to help me apply for social security disability this morning. Incredibly helpful and nice lady. This isn’t as frightening as I thought it would be.

I’m finishing up physical therapy and occupational therapy. I see a neuropsychologist next Friday. Wonder what that will be like???



  1. It seems strange that we NEED a lawyer to help us receive social security benefits we worked for as long as we could. The lawyer does make it easier, because you realize it is another thing that you actually have no control over. I hate the feeling of inevitability but some things are inevitable. You will receive your benefits. Enjoy what you can control and pray to know the difference. God Bless You. Paul

  2. OK, the pregnancy metaphors MUST stop! Scary as hell to only get the captions on GoogleReader...LOL

    (But glad to hear the car was a relatively easy fix)

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. Thanks, Paul!

    Sorry for the scare Linda (not really, tee hee), hope the tremors stop soon.

  4. Hi there Joan! A visit to a neuropsych..what fun! I've been twice...long day with a break for lunch. Stupid human tricks, word games, memory puzzles, vocabulary...geesh, by the end of the day I was loopy. Have fun.

  5. I hope the neurologist visit goes well. Do you do any yoga? I think a restorative class might help. I wish you were here so I could help you with that...

  6. The trick is to appeal if you are denied disability. I've heard of many people who were denied the first time and then won on appeal.