Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We weathered the storm, but...

The weather system that wreaked havoc in the Midwest became a Nor’easter and hit the Mid Atlantic earlier this week. Although we were spared tornados and severe flooding, we did experience tremendous (near hurricane force) winds. Unfortunately, one of our 13-year-old Bradford Pear trees did not survive. It split in two pieces as you can see above. Fortunately, it fell to earth in two neat (but huge) pieces which did not hit anything, not even the bird feeders.

Kudos to The Husband who spent the entire day sawing and clipping and cutting and loading the remnants of the tree onto the truck, and made numerous trips to the yard-waste dump. Yes, he’s pretty sore and scratched tonight, so send him your healing thoughts. (That's him on the left behind the truck.)

The birds are a bit confused, with their favorite perching spot gone. I’m a bit confused as to why this particular tree did not survive the winds when the others on either side did. But I’m grateful that we came out of the storm with superficial damage. I am very much aware of the many people who lost their homes and cars and everything in the tornadoes and flooding.

These last two days made me realize that some decisions I previously thought were silly or unnecessary turned out to be strokes of genius. Allow me to elaborate:

The storm caused complete loss of the cable TV and modem for two days, and I realized how smart I was to keep my redundant netzero internet account. We use digital cable modem so retaining the netzero account seemed like a waste of a very small amount of money each month. BUT I was able to use my netzero account via phone line (remember dial up?) to access the internet for two days.

Without the cable, I pulled out an old TV that still works with rabbit ears, which I probably should have gotten rid of a long time ago. I’m glad I didn’t. We could only get a few channels, but they happened to be the channels we wanted to watch on Monday night.

We also experienced a couple of long power outages, one of which happened while we were snug in bed. But the other hit while we were eating breakfast. I suddenly realized how smart we were to replace our fireplace with one that would start with no electricity. At one time that decision seemed frivolous, but this new fireplace kept us warm.

I am grateful that all is well for us and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who were not so lucky.


  1. We pray for all in the ravaged Tornado sections of the USA and for those suffering in Asia.

    Best Regards,

  2. Thank God nothing more than a pear tree was destroyed. I'm so glad you and Tedd are fine!!

  3. Did you let the Hubby play with a chain saw?

  4. Oh, boys and their toys! When I came home from PT, The Husband was exhausted from trying to slice up the tree with a herring and dull butter knife (only a slight exaggeration). So when he made a run to the dump, I went to rent a chain saw. Ironically, I ran into him at the hardware store where he was buying himself a new toy - a sawsall, which actually did a great job. But he's always wanted one...

  5. So good that you guys are safe.