Friday, July 25, 2008

I Think I Can I Think I Can I Think I Can

Do you remember that story about the Little Engine that Could? In this story, a little steam engine was trying to pull a load over a steep hill all the while chanting "I think I can I think I can I think I can" until she succeeded.

That is a great example of an AFFIRMATION. You know about affirmations. Those little ditties that you chant to yourself to get yourself through tough times. Like "I can do this I can do this I can do this" while you are trying to get that needle in your leg.

Recently, I found Karen Drucker’s music by way of her CD Songs of the Spirit II. What a glorious set of AFFIRMATIONS set to beautiful, moving music.

They came in very helpful today while I was swimming. I tried to swim just a little longer and just a little harder today, only to discover that my body had turned into jello after about 35 minutes. A low-grade panic set in. I had left my cane in the locker room and The Husband was 60 minutes away sequestered in the Delaware State Archives doing research. I found myself singing one of Karen's songs "I am Healed, Whole, and Healthy" over and over until I pulled myself out of the pool. Sitting on the side of the pool on a bench I continued to replay lines from this song in my head. "I am healed, whole, and healthy... Angels are watching over me... I've got love surrounding me... All is well... All is well... I am well."

Now this is a story about AFFIRMATIONS, not about me having a micro-panic attack in a bathing suit. I was surrounded by angels at the YMCA pool, including a neighbor and a friend so I knew I wasn't stuck. This story is about AFFIRMATIONS. Having some sentence or phrase to tell yourself, to comfort yourself, to help yourself when you need to.

What are your affirmations? How do you encourage yourself?


  1. Rather timely post today, Joan...for me anyway. Last year at this time I was having my own mini panic attack about my first bike tour. I got over it and did the tour, chanting to myself "I know I can I know I can".
    I'll be doing it again this weekend with the same chant.

  2. Good for you. I sometimes give myself these little pep talks too. In yoga we often use a "mantra" to focus our thoughts.

  3. At Joan's request, here are some of my mantras. I use a few. The other day we did breathe in "peace", breathe out "love." Sometimes we do breathe in "let" and breathe out "go." For personal meditation I breathe in "Oo" and out "Nah".

    The breath is paramount in these exercises. I learned from my illness that a person can even breath to ease great suffering.

  4. Thanks, Denver Nadja! These are healing and helpful.

  5. Joan,

    Some days it feels like my life is one, big chanting affirmation! Little voices of encouragement pushing me through my day..."you can rest soon" or "I can do anything for nine and a half hours". LOL

    Sorry I've been missing in action and not able to read here as often as I would have liked to do this day soon...ANOTHER AFFIRMATION.

    Linda D. in Seattle