Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mystery of the Moving Table: Can YOU Solve It?

We have a table and sun umbrella on the back deck as shown in the picture. This week, after a storm which happened while I was away at an MS support group meeting, I noticed that the table and one chair had moved about 2 yards to the middle of the deck. The table is heavy, as is the umbrella stand. I really struggled to move the table back. It wasn’t easy.

So how did a heavy table and umbrella stand move by itself? It was one of those summer thunderstorms, but there was no damage to the umbrella, which was open during the rain. There were no obvious signs of severe wind such as downed branches or leaves. There was no sign of a struggle. The Husband heard nothing except the thunder and insists he did not move it. The squirrels claim they saw nothing, but their credibility is questionable. The birds ain't talking.

I look forward to your responses to solve the mystery!



  1. That's a tough one. Here are my theories.
    1) Garden Gnome
    2) Fairy Godmother with twisted sense of humor
    3) Well-intentioned, if not misguided neighbor
    4) You or you husband did it and then forgot
    That sums up my guesses.

  2. I say it was the aliens!!! They come here all the time. When Rich is remodeling something, they move the hammer constantly. And the tape measure. I can't tell you how many times the aliens have move that. And I have one that won't leave keeps moving my glasses. I'm not suffering from CRS, it's that damned alien!!! Don't look around for them because they are really sneaky and won't let you see them. But let it be known.....they ARE everywhere!!!

  3. We have a door slam in every house we have ever lived in. It is not always the same door.

    So we came to realize about 30 years ago that we have a ghost/spirit who follows us from house to house.

    Your ghost has just made him/herself known.


  4. Earthquake? No wait...that's here in Seattle! No clue M'dear, but I can't wait to hear the "why" of it all.

    I see you've started a Delaware MS chat! Is that 7PM Eastern Time? I will unfortunately be at work either way, but would love to rat-a-tat-chat when I can make it (Pacific Time, that is).

    Linda D. in Seattle

  5. Linda, the Delaware MS Chat is east coast time, and is specifically for the Delaware NMSS Support Groups so don't worry if you can't attend. I'd like to set up a time for non Delaware MS Support chats too.

    I set up a pilot for NMSS DE using the Bravenet widget, but am having some reliability problems. What were the problems you experienced when you tried to set up your chat? Did you find another option? Any advice?

    And WELCOME BACK to the blogosphere!!! We missed you.

  6. I'm sure it was the squirrels and the birds are covering for them :)

  7. I finally remembered to come back for this.

    Here's my theory.

    The table decided to go dancing with the chair. So it twirled it's skirt - the umbrella of course, cause tables wear their clothes bottom parts up top - and had fine waltz around the deck. That is until the chair collapsed from exhaustion and leaned on the table for support. Then they both fell asleep in this position and forgot to tidy themselves up before you found them.

    Now that you're on to their antics, you'll have to keep a tighter rein on their dancing exertions.

  8. Lisa,
    OMG, of course they were dancing. I completely forgot that the Garden Gnome and Fairy Godmother gave them gift certificates to Fred Astaire dance studios for the summer solstice. Or was it Arthur Murray???