Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not Quick Enough, I Guess…

I tried to bake some breakfast bars to take to an upcoming morning meeting. This is part of my goal to be comfortable in the kitchen just like my heroes on The Food Network. I also want to use up stuff that has been in the pantry since the last millennium.

So, I ventured to make an apple/oatmeal breakfast bar recipe that was simple. It called for “quick cooking oats.” But they didn’t specify HOW quick. I used oatmeal that cooks in five minutes. That seems quick.

But not quick enough, I guess. These bars are horrible! The oats taste like little bits of cardboard. I guess I should have used 1-minute oatmeal. Or maybe oatmeal that isn’t older than The Husband (just kidding! I love him dearly, really! I mean it!)

But I didn’t get discouraged! I’m still willing to play in the kitchen, and I’m still glued to The Food Network! And Kimmiloo's blog.

“So what’s for dinner tonight?” you might wonder. Well, since I cooked dinner two nights in a row (both were edible meals), I am taking tonight off (that’s secret-code-speak for I have no idea what to cook). I’m choking down the oatmeal bars and warming up frozen pizza. Because I’ve been experimenting with food lately, The Husband knows to keep a hefty supply of Cheerios on hand so don’t worry about him. It’s got lots of vitamins and fiber so he’s in good shape.



  1. I have been baking and cooking since I was 8 or 9. My best recipe was brownies, but they never turned out the same way twice. My dad used to say that at least my inconsistencies were consistent.

    I am much better now, but still have uninspired moments in the kitchen.


  2. Good attitude. I hate cooking but I get by.

  3. Joan, thanks for mentioning my blog! Getting in the kitchen and trying is half the battle. When I got married at 19, the only thing I knew how to make was an egg sandwich. I began collecting cookbooks and trying out recipes, or we would have eaten a lot of eggs, lol.

    I read your story, don't know why I never read it before now. I also spent a few years in Germany (my 1st husband was in the Army). We lived on the economy for 2 years before getting housing. I remember our tiny little apartment for a family of 4. Fortunately we were in housing and a larger apartment by the time my 3rd son was born.

    Good luck with your kitchen adventures!!