Friday, July 18, 2008

Today I Baked Zucchini Bread

I've never baked zucchini bread before.
I don't think I've ever eaten zucchini bread.

I didn't plan to bake zucchini bread.
I planned to go the grocery store.

What happened?

Well, I was trying to come up with ideas for meals so was browsing recipes that I want to try. One required parsley and basil, and I remembered that my neighbor said I could take those from her garden any time I wanted. I put on some sandals and went out in the searing summer heat with scissors and a bowl to collect a bunch of herbs. Then I saw their zucchini patch and remembered that she had given us a big zucchini while saying "Ooo this is the right size for zucchini bread!" "That's nice" I said, but was thinking "Why would anyone MAKE zucchini bread?"

Back inside, nice and cool, I found a recipe for zucchini bread. But it was for two loaves and I only wanted one so went on line and found even more recipes for zucchini bread, all for two loaves. The user reviews for one recipe were so glowing that I decided I would actually try to make zucchini bread. "Prep time: 15 minutes," the recipe claimed. Hmmm... How hard can this be? HA!

For normal people, prep time = 15 minutes. For me, it was well over an hour. You have to grate the zucchini, which is a challenge if you don’t have a decent grater (I haven't needed one for so long that mine was no where to be found). Some recipes said to squeeze the liquid out of the zucchini or press between paper towels. That was MESSY! I had zucchini bits sticking everywhere!

I had all the ingredients in the house and The Husband was out doing research somewhere so I mixed everything up. What an even bigger mess! Oh, and by the way, Prep Time does not include Clean Up Time. For me, Clean Up Time = Prep Time x 5,000 minutes.

But I did it! I actually baked zucchini bread! I'm still not sure why I did it, though.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I still haven't made it to the grocery store. But I did take the picture above of the masterpieces! I wonder how the bread tastes?



  1. It's the bomb and yours look great. I wish I could come by for a slice.

  2. I finally got up the courage to taste it and YUM! YUM! YUM!
    It IS good!
    Now I know why the recipe makes two loaves - one for me, and one for The Husband!
    Ya'll better come by soon before it's all gone.

  3. Yep. Yummy zucchini bread - a staple of Oklahoma summer cuisine. I haven't it in a number of years though.

  4. OMG, Joan.....I love zucchini bread so much that I grow my own to make my own.....try it with chocolate sometime, and /or absolutely die for...

    Your loaves look delicious.....


  5. I love zucchine bread as well w/nuts and nice hot cup of tea. Maybe you could make some for the next family get together. Love, Angie