Monday, August 4, 2008

Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda

Today's post is different from my normal style: I'm writing a diary entry. But mine is nothing like a letter from Camp Granada (I hope you remember this song by Alan Sherman because I'll feel silly if you don't).

Woke up and decided to try something completely different on this first day of my pretend vacation, so The Husband and I went for a walk before breakfast. A walk through our neighborhood is over a mile and I used to walk it effortlessly, sometimes even continuing to the next neighborhood for a 3-mile walk. We passed two older women with muscular legs walking at a good clip (actually, they passed us). Sigh. I silently made a commitment to myself to work back up to walking three miles before winter. That's ambitious because about halfway through this walk I experienced the familiar step-fwap-step-fwap of foot flop, as well as my bones turning to jello while my muscles turned to cement. But it's a goal. A trajectory. And I really want to fit into my shorts again.

After drinking a few glasses of ice water to recover, I checked e-mail and was pleasantly surprised to see comments on yesterday's post about needing a vacation. Thanks to everyone who responded and for some cool ideas. I appreciate the feedback.

Back in non-vacation mode, I got my hair cut, went to the grocery store, and bought myself a bottle of wine from Australia (too bad I didn't go to Australia to buy it). My daily allotment of energy was used up after lunch, so I took a nap. It wasn’t long enough. I talked to my friend Dave on the phone for a while, and that gave me another spoonful of energy. But then I sat around wondering what I should do with very low energy and one spoon. What would I do if I were on a real vacation? I have no idea. That's sad.

Since the weather is less humid and more breezy, I sat outside reading. A few days ago, after reading about the big parties around the release of some novel (Breaking Dawn), I decided to see what the hype was all about and bought a copy of Stephenie Meyer's earlier book

'Twilight," the first in her famous 4-part Twilight series. WOW! What an incredible book, great story, and wonderful writing. The hype is deserved.

The Husband made his famous scrambled eggs for dinner (they are really great and he needed a vacation from my recent culinary experiments), then I sat outside again watching the geese in the back pond and coming to terms with being retired. It sure is easy on pleasant days like this.

Now the TV is on and I'm typing while The Husband is dozing on the couch. I see why I don't write in the diary style very often. Even I find this post boring. And
this "vacation."



  1. Not boring.

    Created a nice calm feeling.


  2. Funny...I must have a completely boring mind then because I found this post very entertaining and a peek into your world. Maybe we BOTH need a vacation? (Not!)

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. I agree with both Lisa and Linda. Feeling somewhat relaxed after reading your post, imagining the birds and the bugs flying about you as you sit and read.
    I hope to be doing some of that this week, too.

  4. My husband and I just took a mini-vacation (3 days off work with the weekend inbetween) and we did pretty much what your "pretend vacation" is like so far. We did the opposite of our normal lives. No alarm clocks, no deadlines, no hecticness, no rushing. So, your vacation was exactly what ours was like......calm. Not boring. A very well deserved calmness. I don't have MS and our vacations were based on pretty much the same concept as yours. So consider yourself very normal and not boring.

  5. Thank you all for these kind words. I'm glad I didn't lose any readership afterall!