Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hilfiger’s MS Connection

I like to see a new name in the comments section of my posts because it sometimes leads me to an interesting blog. That happened this week when JEN commented and I discovered MS Friend at Jen has a wonderful writing style, more like that of a columnist rather than a typical blogger (no offense intended!!!).

In case you haven’t visited Jen's site, I recommend that you pop over for her recent post titled
Tommy Hilfiger Fights Against MS. You will discover that Tommy Hilfiger’s sister has MS and he has a yearly event called The Race to Erase MS. Check it out!


1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Joan. I appreciate your plug! I like the idea of giving a nod to new sites, and I hope that when I've been blogging longer, I can do the same.

    I've visited your blog before, and I read your MS diagnosis stories, which make me feel a little better because it also took me quite a few years to get a definite diagnosis (although 13 years must REALLY have been frustrating!)Sometimes I read other blogs and I can't believe people learned they had MS after only 6 months. I think maybe because my onset was quite gradual, and I really didn't have a good doctor in the beginning.

    I like coming to your site because of the tranquil atmosphere and the large variety of topics (MS-related and not.) How the heck did you set up a chat room?! Ha!

    Take care and we'll talk again later---