Sunday, August 3, 2008

I need a vacation...

"What? You are "retired." What do you need a vacation FROM? You don’t have a meaningless, stressful job or long commute. You watch birds all day. Wazzup?"

It’s been eight months since I went on disability and stopped working at a paying job. Every day is a vacation, right?

Not exactly. Every day can become mundane and boring if I’m not careful. With my recent extreme-fatigue exacerbation, I'm even more vulnerable to boredom and hopelessness and dullness.

So how do you break out of a rut?

Well, considering that this rut is magnified by fatigue, I can't go mountain climbing or take a long road trip to Seattle. I can't fly to St. Somewhere for a few weeks and get my groove back. Instead, I need to pick a week (like this one) and do things differently. I'm going to try a different routine, maybe reduce some commitments, maybe not. Maybe I'll surprise myself one day and ride the bus just to see where it goes. One thing I do know is that I need more FUN in my normally dull, planned, orderly life. I need to laugh more. I need to ignore my e-mails more. I need to shake up the routine.

In other words, I need a vacation.

Bon voyage!



  1. Sometimes you just gotta change it up. Enjoy your mini-vacation.

  2. You've got a good idea there! The days at home can be mindless and endless and can be isolating too. That's no help for state of mind and fatigue levels. I had to join a class once a week for painting. Not that I needed lessons per say (there's always something to learn) but because I needed the extra motivation and the input and conversation from other people. It made a world of difference, to me and my productivity.
    Other times I find a weekend trip that's even less than an hour from home can rejuvinate.
    So, go...mix it up! Have fun!

  3. ANY time you wanna road trip to Seattle, just let me know! Heck, I'd even meet you half way...what is that? About 1500 miles or so?!?

    I find that part of "vacationing" for me is being able to RECOGNIZE I am on get my mind to let go of the things that are and feel like work/struggle to me. Sounds like you have similar ideas...

    Linda D. in Seattle

  4. I've been home almost 11 years now. The change in scenery alone is worth its weight in gold! For me it can be setting up base in a different part of the house or yard. Sometimes that's enough, sometimes. Good luck with it.

  5. Enjoy your Staycation!! I'm home all day as well and I know what you're feeling. The family and I are heading out this weekend for a road trip, I soooo need a change of scenery. I look forward to hearing how the rest of your week goes, have fun!