Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Results of the Great Delaware MS Chat Room Experiment

The Delaware MS Chat has successfully completed its two month pilot. (That means that I've finished screwing around with the widget.) There is even a link on the Delaware NMSS home page, so I'm sort of committed...

I discovered a few things during the pilot:
1) People who attend face-to-face support group meetings tend to avoid chatting.
2) Most people who attend chats don't want to attend face-to-face support group meetings.
3) I don't have the energy to host a chat every Friday.
4) Chats are great ways to connect with people when the weather is bad, I'm tired, or just feeling lonely on a Friday night.
5) People with MS need to surround themselves with supportive communities, whether it be via blogs, chat rooms, or face-to-face meetings, AND they like having options for creating those communities.

Therefore, I will continue to host these chats because I think it satisfies a need; however, I've changed the schedule to only twice a month. So if you live in Delaware or any surrounding states (requires you to know where Delaware is located) and want to chat on a Friday night, you are welcome to pop in using the Chat Room option on the right side of my blog (look for the coffee cup).

But if you don't live near Delware and want to chat, you are still welcome to attend. And if you support Joe Biden, of course you can attend! Although we set these chats up in hopes that Delaware MS-ers would connect, you are all welcome.

Delaware MS Chat Room Open
2nd and 4th Fridays
7:00 - 9:30 pm, east coast time

Most of you bloggers probably know that you can pop into the chat room with your friends anytime you want - you don't need me to be there. Just clean up after yourselves and refill the toilet paper before you turn out the lights.


  1. Hi Joan,
    I'm in PA and will try to catch one of your chats on a Friday!
    P.S. I started a new blog at www.grandmoments.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Joan---

    I'm coming back tomorrow to read this post, but now I must go to bed (after 1 am!)



  3. I'm gonna check it out on the 12th (just wrote it on my calendar.) And I'm definitely mentioning it in my next article. Thanks, Joan.

  4. Oh, I KNEW there was a catch on that chat...cleaning up after myself!

    (Glad to hear peeps are using it)

    Linda D. in Seattle

  5. Thanks for doing this. I think it is important. I agree that MSers need to seek some kind of support.

  6. I lived outside DE near Philly for a while...does that count? ;-)

    I'll be sure to check it out!