Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bad Week for the Local Birds

No, I'm not talking about the 2-3 Philadelphia Eagles, although it was a bad week for them, too. I'm referring to some of our backyard birds. If you are squeemish, stop reading now.

Earlier in the week, we woke up to find a carcass of a Great Blue Heron in our yard. It grieves me when a great bird dies (or any creature for that matter), but I am comforted to know that some other birds or creatures had a life-sustaining meal. All that's left are feathers and clean bones. I told you to stop reading if you are squeemish!

Then two days ago, a Goldfinch got its head stuck between the two poles of our double shepherd's hook where we hang the hummingbird feeder and suet. This is a very tiny space. So imagine a small child getting its head stuck in a bannister. It got hurt either when it slipped or as it struggled to free itself. The Husband very calmly and gently lifted the tiny bird up and out of the snare, and set the bird free. Unfortunately, it could flap but couldn't fly. It was evening, and we weren't willing to let that bird fend for itself.

We followed the protocols for capturing an injured bird and I placed an urgent call to my sister, who volunteers at WildLife Works in Youngwood, PA, who assured me that we were taking the right steps and that no we shouldn't feed it and no we should not put water in the box and yes it would be okay overnight and please, she gently urged me, just leave the poor thing alone. She was right. It was still alive the next morning. But I didn't sleep very well!

So yesterday morning bright and early, I took the bird to the Delaware TriState Bird Rescue clinic. As a thank-you donation, I gave them the excess alcohol packages I get with the Copaxone.

At least the story ends happily for the Goldfinch. TriState Bird Rescue will take good care of it and release it when it's ready (or if it is a full grown adult they'll ask us to release it in our yard). And I was finally able to sleep last night!



  1. Go bird rescuer. We found a jurt squirrel in our yard, or rather the dog did but we couldn't save it.

  2. Your first sentence made me laugh! You know I'm an Eagles fan. :)

    That's great that there was a bird rescue nearby! I never knew there was such a thing. Fabulous!

  3. That's amazing. I didn't know there were specific places to take birds. Maybe we're too crowded where I am. It's nice to see that it's open 7 days a week/ 365 days a year. You've done a wonderful deed!

    Joan-- I did another promo for your chat room. Go see...


  4. Good deed, Joanie. You did a very good thing! I'm proud of you and Tedd!

  5. Sorry to report that the bird died. It had an infection and an old wound, probably from a cat attack.

  6. I'm "nicking" you St. Francis, my friend...and that is a most high compliment.

    Linda D. in Seattle