Saturday, December 27, 2008

Would you like a spot of MRI Tea?

You may have heard about Christmas Tea, English Tea, High Tea, but this is a new one:

Last week I had a very long MRI test (almost three hours). Fortunately I had taken a "special" pill which let me doze through most of it. But at the end, I was given a gift bag with this note:

You've made it through
that stressful test,
Now... sit back,
enjoy a cup of tea
and rest.

The gift bag had a bright yellow tea/coffee mug with four tea bags.
MRI showed no change from last year, even though I've had an increase in symptoms. So I'd like to invite everyone to join me for a cup of MRI tea to celebrate NO new black holes, Dawson's fingers, oddly shaped scars, or other lesions.
Would you like sugar, cream, or lemon with yours?


  1. What an odd, but lovely, gesture from the MRI folks. Here's to no further demyelination showing on the films.

    I'd love to share a cup of tea with you. I'll have sugar with mine.

  2. I was thinking what Lisa just typed! Odd but nice. And there's no change in the MRI so that's good. I also have the same issue sometimes with more symptoms but stable or improving MRIs.

    Hugs, Weebs

  3. More reason to celebrate! No new lesions/scars or holes! Excellent. Do you attribute your stability to any particular action or remedy?
    The cup of tea was a sweet and surprising gesture. The only thing I'm handed after a day in the tube is my insurance papers and a pen to write a check.

  4. What a thoughtful parting gift... I'm glad your MRI turned out okay. I think 3 hours would drive me insane, pill or no pill!

  5. Bubbie: I don't attribute my MRI stability to anything but luck (good or bad? you decide). Oddly enough, I haven't seen a change in my MRI for many years, but have continued to decline and am now on disability. Just supports what "they" say that MRI does not reflect actual disability.

  6. Congrats. Mine was also free of new issues so let's raise a cup together!

  7. OK, that TEA thingy is a bit creepy...are you SURE it is/was tea?!? LOL

    I hear you about the lack of MRI changes/increase in symptoms...there's nothing predictable about this fickle disease.

    Linda D. in Seattle