Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ah, the Smell of Sauerkraut Through the House Means... must be New Year's Day.

Sauerkraut is one of those foods people eat for good luck on New Year's Day. Cabbage leaves were once considered a sign of prosperity. Some customs include eating anything in the shape of a circle (the year has come full circle) so donuts are also traditional NYD foods.

We always have hot dogs and sauerkraut for lunch while watching the Philadelphia Mummer's parade on TV.

What are YOUR traditional New Year's Day foods or activities? Do you go to parades? Do you watch football? What are your 'good luck' foods?

Happy New Year!



  1. I like the Mummer's parade too. Didn't catch it this year, but I saw a bit of the Rosebowl parade and was jealous of their palm trees and mild weather! I do want to get into Phillie again soon: hey Joan-- maybe I'll catch you at the Flower Show in March! The last time I went was a couple of years ago when the theme was "Ireland."

    Other stuff today? Well, keeping warm and doing very little...

    Happy 2009 Joan!.....

  2. New Years Day = Hoppin' Johns

    Eat poor on New Years Day, eat rich the rest of the year. Includes black-eyed peas for good luck.

    A cup of hot chocolate makes it even better!!

  3. I can't say I have any traditions for new year's but yours sounds good to me.

  4. Pork Roast and Sauerkraut is always a must for New Years Day dinner. When I lived in PA I too watched the Mummers Day Parade.

    GO EAGLES! :)