Sunday, December 20, 2009

Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Grackles and Redwings and Cowbirds...

We received about 17 inches of snow this week-end, so it's difficult for birds to find food right now. While The Husband and neighbors were digging out the driveways, I was digging out the bird feeders. I also threw a lot of seed on top of the snow, and was treated to a day of amazing bird watching.

The photo shows grackles, cowbirds, and redwing blackbirds.

The video below give you a better idea of just how many birds we are getting. This was taken from the kitchen window.
If you don't see a video, go to


  1. Hi Joan!
    We are birdwatcher's here in Washington also. We get our share of red wing black birds too! I love how you've found such a positive, beautiful time in the midst of a snowstorm. That is one of the times I would find this forced retirement is working out o.k. :)

  2. Yes, it's nice knowing that I don't have to go out in this mess until Tuesday. Enjoy your birds, too!

  3. Hi, hope you are having a restful vacation.