Monday, March 8, 2010

Facebook Killed the Blogging Stars?

In June 2007, I began publishing my experiences with multiple sclerosis and other topics via this blog. I discovered many other blogs with postings that were thoughtful, interesting, and informative. It was an expansive world for me.

Now, most bloggers (including me) have pages on Facebook or Twitter.

But I've noticed that since I began using Facebook, I don't read as many blogs as I used to. And I've reduced the postings on my blog. It's so much easier to type "March is National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month" in a little box on Facebook than it is to create a well-written essay on the topic, including the significance of this month and a list of activities to raise awareness.

With Tweets being limited to 140 characters, and Facebook's "What's on Your Mind" box taking no more than a few sentences, my social networking world has become staccato. Gone are my days of writing about how bird watching sooths my soul and lifts my spirits when my multiple sclerosis fatigue has pushed me down into the floor for days on end. Instead I write, "I'm really tired and all I can do is watch birds."

Has Facebook killed the blogging world? Has Twitter reduced us to a bunch of twits who just want to know that you are in aisle three of the grocery store instead of how you pull yourself up when you've been knocked down? No where on Facebook do I read about important things like breakthroughs in medicine; rather I read about everyone's lucky number or what animal they need for their farm game.

Facebook and Twitter have made me lazy and numbed my brain!
Remember the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles? Some of the words are
Video killed the radio star.
Video killed the radio star.
In my mind and in my car
We can't rewind we've gone to far
Ironically, this was the first song to be played on MTV. Inspiration for this song came from J.G. Ballard's short story The Sound-Sweep, in which the title character, a mute boy vacuuming up stray music in a world without it, comes upon an opera singer hiding in a sewer. As all music has been outlawed and destroyed, the opera singer is obsolete. Reference here
Are bloggers becoming obsolete? Are we living in a world were deep thoughts are becoming obsolete?
Here's a YouTube reminder of the song (see box below). If you don't see anything below, then you need to go to my blog ( to access it.
Too much work to go to my blog? Then I think I've made my point!



  1. Dangit girl, you better not stop blogging!! Write something I can put in the Carnival, pleeaassseeeee.

    Now, how's that book reading going?

  2. I've kinda grown bored with facebook. I kind of use it as an alternate mailtool.

  3. Thank you for another wonderful essay...wait, do I have to also post this on Facebook? Love you! Susie

  4. Hi,
    Please come by my blog and pick up your Beautiful Blogger Award.

  5. facebook hasn't killed the blog world. Keep Writing, we love to read it but we also enjoy seeing you on Facebook.