Friday, February 26, 2010

Research Study for Speech, Language, or Cognitive Changes

I have signed up for this study because my speech and cognitive functions are declining.

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For individuals who have speech, language or cognitive changes due to MS

Researchers at the University of Washington are conducting a study exploring the impact of various health conditions on participation in everyday communication activities (activities in which you are talking to people). We are currently seeking individuals who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Participants in this study will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires. You may fill these out at home on your own schedule. We anticipate that it will take you about an hour to complete all the questionnaires. You can take breaks as you need to and complete them at a pace that is comfortable for you. You may fill out these questionnaires online OR on paper forms that we will mail to you.

You are eligible to participate if you are an adult age 18 years or older. You must have been diagnosed with MS at least three months ago. You must be living in the community (e.g. at home or in assisted living). Nursing home residents are not eligible for this study. You must use speech as your primary method of communication. You may use writing or augmentative devices to help you communicate, but most of your communication must be by speaking. It does not matter what kind of treatments you have had for your condition. We seek racial and ethnic diversity. Minorities are strongly encouraged to participate.

You will receive $20 for completing the questionnaires (your choice of a $20 check or $20 gift card to Participation in this study is voluntary. You are free to stop your participation at any time. Your participation is not related to any medical care you are receiving at any facility. Your participation is not related to your involvement in any support or advocacy groups.

More information about this study is available at:

If you have questions or are interested in participating, you may contact us using the contact method you prefer:

Email: (please remember we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information sent via email)

Phone: 206-221-3563 (you may leave a voicemail with your mailing address if you would like a questionnaire mailed to you)

Mailing address: Carolyn Baylor, Ph.D., Box 356490. Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195.

Thank you for your help with this research.

Carolyn Baylor, PhD, CCC-SLP
Acting Assistant Professor
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
University of Washington
Box 356490
Seattle, WA 98195
phone: 206-221-3563

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