Thursday, April 22, 2010

Delaware Area MS Chat Friday

Delaware Area MS Chat
Friday 23 April, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Topic: MS Walks and anything else you want to chat about  

Two of the five Delaware MS Walks were held this weekend: Wilmington Riverfront and Dover. Did you walk, volunteer, or form a team? Do you have a walk coming up in the next few weeks?  IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN DELAWARE, you can still tell us about your walk plans. 

We’ll chat about this PLUS anything else that comes up (like CCSVI?). The chat topics are just a suggestion.

To attend, just click HERE or click on the coffee cup in the right margin, then follow the directions.

Newcomers are always welcome and you don't have to live in the Delaware area to join.If you are uncomfortable typing, you are still welcome to come and watch the conversation.

If you have trouble seeing, you can increase the font size in the chat room by going to the top menu and selecting Options/Increase Font. Each time you select that option, it increases the font by one point.


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