Sunday, April 18, 2010

Report from the MS Walk Wheeler's Wobblers

Thanks to everyone who made this walk and this team such a success.  The Wheeler's Wobblers raised over $3,500!  We had eight team members at the start (Donna, Ed, Angie, Neal, Liz, Beth, Tedd, Joan), and one team friend (Paul) joined us at the second rest stop so we made him an honorary team member (alas, I have no photos of Paul).

We plan to do this again next year, so start saving your vacation time to join us - we had four people from out of town, so don't be afraid to travel to Delaware.  One stranger asked if she could be on our team next year because her MS is progressing and she's wobbling more and thinks she'd like to wobble with us, so I think the team name was definitely appreciated.

I'm pleased that my body cooperated for most of the walk, but sorry that the wind didn't.  The "Wheeler's Wobblers" sign on the front of my rollator and the JW flag turned into sails and I found myself pushed backwards.  Also, I was happy that I wasn't penalized for taking every short cut I could find.  I probably walked about 1.5 miles out of three.

I caught up with a number of friends from MS Support Groups, including Linda from the team "Linda's Loafers."  It was a supportive event and definitely an accessible walk.

See you next year, in the meantime "Wobble Well" everyone!
 PS - more photos are posted on Facebook.


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