Friday, November 19, 2010

Training my Dragon

Hello everyone!

I am speaking to you (instead of typing) today. This is courtesy of my Dragon voice recognition software. Normally, I do not use my blog to test products, but I'm really impressed with Dragon.

If you have difficulty typing you may want to consider a voice-recognition software package such as Dragon, and check out the built in voice recognition software that comes with some operating systems.

This is especially important for the Delaware area multiple sclerosis chats that I host. For those of you who have difficulty typing and have avoided chat, I can assure you that Dragon software will work in the chat room. 

Now be warned, this program will not eliminate all typing. At least not the version I purchased. It does have a lot of capabilities that I have not yet learned so I am looking forward to exploring my new friend Dragon.

Our next chat will be 10 December, and I look forward to speaking to you through my Dragon!


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