Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All About MS: Yet Another MS Aggregate Site

All About MS is another information collection site that covers a wide range of Multiple Sclerosis topics. The creators contacted me because A Short in the Cord has been added to their MS resources section (another good list of MS bloggers section). It's a broad site with lots of information, but I haven't had time to assess its accuracy.
 The full title of the site is Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms, Diet, Exercise and Living with Multiple Sclerosis


According to the creators, "We provide useful information and resources for people who are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Disease or people looking for information on Multiple Sclerosis. We provide resources on MS Symptoms, MS Exercise, MS Diet and Living With MS."

Of course, there is no MS Diet, which they explain nicely.  

I can't help but wonder at the large number of bloggers who write about this disease, and the huge amount of information available on line. I will confess that I find their numerous advertisements to be a distraction, but I'm not willing to write them a big check to eliminate the need for revenue.URL=

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  1. what an odd list -
    names of blogs listed on
    that link to the blogs,

    but first link to

    Very, MeSsie, brava!