Saturday, September 24, 2011

Does a Sitting Bird Still Hum?

A female hummingbird has claimed sole ownership of our hummingbird feeder. She is a militaristic guardian of her territory, attacking all other hummers. She first drinks deeply from the nectar, then lands on the hook and just sits for long stretches at a time, always watching the skies for intruders to attack.  Some of her "dog fights" are quite vicious, actually slamming into the other bird and locking onto her victim and not letting go until they almost hit the ground.  I think she should run for Congress.

On Guard
Don't even think about approaching me!
Sticking out her tongue... Pthhh!


  1. Hi Joan.
    I'm a newbie around here and to MS. Your description of the lamp cord is brilliant as is your descriptions of the fatigue. I'm hope each day you are feeling better and stronger. I look forward to catching up with your past posts!

  2. Hi Daze! Sorry to hear about your MS diagnosis. Thanks for visiting, I hope you can find some useful information. Joan

  3. Hi Joan
    What beautiful pics of the hummingbird, ruling the roost!! I find hummingbirds hard to get pics of, Glad your finding balance in a time of no balance ( searching for a different word that's gone at the moment!)