Monday, October 17, 2011

A Right Turn in the Road

Gilenya update: There has been another turn in my road to Gilenya.  But this is a RIGHT turn.

Last week, I called my neuro's office and informed them that going to Concentra for my First Dose Observation (FDO) would cost me $500 out of pocket (oh, they did not know). My second option, to drive 1.5 hours each way to get an FDO for free, was not acceptable.  I asked them to find a third option, giving them some suggestions (I know what you are thinking but I was actually very nice).  On Friday, I got a call telling me that they had a third option: to be observed in their waiting room (no charge).  I'm accepting the third option.

So now, we have to track down the status of the medication (not sure if it was shipped yet), and change the delivery address. I suspect this will be resolved today.  Then I can schedule a new FDO date.  Unless something else comes up...

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  1. My medical expenses are killing me. Glad you got a good option!