Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I wish everyone a happy holiday season. You aren't seeing much of me right now because the sensory overload of seasonal parties and gatherings drains everything out of me.  Of course, I feel terrible every time I decline to attend anything (I seem to do a good job of beating myself up).  But the price to attend events is just too high, and the people who really matter will understand and still be there.

That's why I really appreciated this National MS Society Blog post titled "Why are parties hard for some people with MS?"  It's always comforting to read something that corroborates my experience.

Enjoy the season! 
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  1. Hi Joan,
    I hadn't checked your page in a while, so I'm seeing this rather late, but wanted to say I do miss seeing you, but understand why. It makes perfect sense that large gatherings would be too much when your symptoms are flaring. I don't go to every large gathering either, and I have to be okay with the level of participation I can handle, and I support anyone else doing so too. You can't be everywhere! At least not physically. You are in my mind and heart though--hope I see you in a not-so-crowded room soon!