Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wheeler's Wobblers Wrap Up Report

I just realized that I never reported the end result of the 2012 MS Walk in Wilmington on this blog (blame Facebook).  So drum roll please....

The Wheeler's Wobblers 2012 MS Walk Team raised $10,301!

The weather was perfect for once, and we had about 40 walkers show up.  There would have been a few more walkers but Donna (my step-daughter) was in the hospital about to deliver a baby boy (yes, a future wobbler!).  Physiotherapy Associates provided apples and registration staff (thanks Becky and her mom!).  At the start of the walk, I accepted an award on behalf of the 2011 Wobblers Team, who was a top fundraiser in the state (3rd highest) and won "Best Team Name."  So we now have a legacy of being a great team thanks to all the people who raised money and got corporate sponsors (we had nine).  We raised $200 from our Union City Grille fundraiser, which was a lot of fun as well.

So it was an exciting day and I appreciate all the hard work that everyone put in this year to reach such a high fundraising goal. It was fun, too!


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