Sunday, May 26, 2013

Preparing for Provence - After the Call is Answered

Dragon Quest
Yes, I have let go of my fear of travel, and will go to France for one week in June.  This will be less like a summer vacation and more like a heroic journey (Joseph Campbell, anyone?). 

Joseph Dispenza, "The Way of the Traveler," asks “what if this [the trip] were happening in a dream?" How would you interpret it?

If this were a dream (and it is!!!), I would interpret it as a manifestation of my need to run away from my current life. An escape from the house I find overwhelming to maintain; from the rut of the day-to-day.  A mid-life crisis trip because I'm too young to be “retired” so am feeling older than my years.  Caution about health problems has kept me locked in the house, yearning to break out. Too concerned about the future, I won't live, laugh, have fun; I won't live in the present.

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Why was I called to make this journey? I think it's because I have lost adventurousness, childlike whimsy and fun, laughter that reaches my eyes.

The primary goal of my journey will be to bring something back. I need to find and recover that which has been lost. The goal of my wandering is to bring back a higher and richer knowledge of myself. I will be searching to understand (or remember) what makes me whole.

And all you will get is a lousy T-shirt.

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