Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You Can Come Along for the Ride, But I Won't Let You Drive

You can come along for the ride, but I won’t let you drive.

Tell me your story, talk about your adventures, show me your paths, share your journeys.

But don’t tell me to follow the same road.  

Tell me how you felt when the bottom fell out, how you recovered from loss or pain, how you got through the terribly dark night that wouldn’t end.

But don’t tell me not to grieve, or how to avoid pain.

Tell me what makes you happy, how you share your joy, what gives you laughter and pleasure.

But don’t tell me how to make myself smile.

Tell me how you came here, where you are going, how you plan to get there.

But don’t tell me where to go.

Tell me your questions, talk about your unsolved mysteries.

But don’t expect my questions to be the same as yours.

Tell me about your life.

But don’t tell me about mine.  

Reprint from 2003
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