Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Final Results from Wheeler's Wobblers MS Walks

Anne raised over $500!

The results are in:  Between two walks, one in Wilmington and one in Newark, the 2014 Wheeler's Wobblers MS Walk Team raised $12, 247.63! Way to wobble!

For our sixth year, we had 40 walkers, 3 babies, 3 children, and 1 dog.  We had teammates from Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, including Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

The Pittsburgh Connection - Sonia's family
The Baltimore Connection - Tedd's family (my step-daughters)

Some walked...
...some rolled
...some were pushed

... and some slept.

Rev. Andrew with 3-week old Micah
Susan and Ginger

We had three teammates with MS, one with ataxia, one minister still on paternity leave, and

politicians who are working in government to make our lives better.
Teammate Congressman Earl Jacques, Joan, and US Senator Chris Coons.  I'm glad I voted for these guys!
With Congressman Paul Baumbach

In Newark, we had our own neighborhood cheering section...
Newark neighborhood

Sophie cheering us on.

...and one fighting Blue Hen mascot.  
Newark Team with YoUDee 

Thank you to everyone who came out, who donated, and who cheered.  We don't fall down thanks to your support!  And now for our official team photos:

Wilmington Team

Newark Team

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