Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fledge Watch

Although I don't blog much (I'll probably post the reason why in the future), I still remember that some of you love the bird posts.  Status update:
Mama and Papa watching over the nest

We have five baby Eastern Bluebirds in our backyard nestbox about to fledge.  Just like any grandparent (or so I've been told), I love to show off baby pictures.  These photos were obtained carefully, using the protocols outlined in Cornell's Nestwatch Citizen Science Project, which is why they are a little fuzzy.  I didn't stay long enough to ensure focus or composition, just wanted to check the status of the birds as quickly as I could with little disturbance.

Beautiful eggs, May 23
New hatchlings June 1

Fuzzy, napping things on June 9

They should be ready to leave the nest in the next few days.

Of course once they leave, they never write, never call, never come back to visit, they just go out into the world without looking back.

Good for them!

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