Monday, April 27, 2015

I Can Do This!

The last few months have really challenged my energy management. Between MS walk fundraisers, MS walks, speaking engagements, conducting a workshop, yada yada yada, I lost my routine for rest, exercise, meditation, and proper nutrition.  The tank has been empty for a few weeks. When I get this exhausted, I go on auto-pilot where I can push through the fatigue but not remember anything that I did. Then my body gets back at me with a rerun of all the MS symptoms I've ever experienced all at once. And just for fun, it drops a boulder on me just to show me who's really running this show.

I call that a "physical reaction" to stress. I'm not complaining, really. But when I need to push through because I have committed to something, I look for a theme song.

My current theme song is "I Can Do This." It was written by David Osmond, son of Alan Osmond, nephew of Donnie and Marie.  Both David and his father, Alan, have MS.  David is currently working with Novartis (the national sponsor for this years MS Walks and maker of Gilenya) on a program called "Our Voice in Song" to raise awareness of relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Check it out at   

The words to I Can Do This resonate with me, especially the refrain, and has kept me going:

I can do this - Just stick around, you'll see
Going through this - takes every part of me
What I'm feeling down inside's like a roller-coaster ride
But it's true, yes - I can, I can

I can do this - I want the world to see
I can do this - Look what I have done with me
I'll keep my hands up high on this roller-coaster ride
Cause it's true, yes - I can do this

I can do this. Just take it one moment at a time. I can do this. Until the roller coaster ride comes to a stop, I can hang on.


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