Monday, June 15, 2015

The Origins of "The Flickering Lamp"

Until Sunday, I thought the most frightening thing in the world was to be the person who reads a children's story (for all ages) during our church services. This Sunday, though, I realized that the most frightening thing in the world was to be the person who reads a children's story (for all ages), but without the story.

Obviously, I'm exaggerating about what frightens me (a little). But what made me nervous this Sunday was that I didn't plan to "read" a story to the children; instead, we had a "conversation" in front of the congregation (anyone remember Art Linkletter?).

Our theme was Body and Soul, so I chose to talk about the Body (left the Soul to the minister) and how some people have hidden broken body parts (aka invisible illness). Other people can't see the broken parts so might think that a person who acts differently is faking or just wanting attention.  I brought along a little table lamp to illustrate a device that has a short in its cord (hidden broken body part) which causes the light bulb to act differently. Sometimes the bulb lights up, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it flickers.  No, the lamp is not lazy, it's just wired differently.

The children were very attentive, engaged, and so funny.  "What do you think is wrong with the lamp? I asked. "It's bored," was the first response. The rest of the conversation was just as creative, and in the end the children suggested that we need to be nice to people even though they might act differently.

After the service, more than one adult commented that they noticed a similarity between what I've told them about Multiple Sclerosis and the poor flickering lamp. So for my church friends who didn't already know, the inspiration for last Sunday's children's story, which Rev. Andrew Weber named "A Flickering Lamp," is my e-book titled  A Short in the Cord.

A Short in the Cord:
A Retrospective on Living and Coping with MS

You can download or read an MS Word version by clicking on the link.

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