Friday, July 10, 2015

And the Winner of the Battle Box Is...

... the Bluebirds.  

Catbird demanding airspace rights
For now, anyway. As of 10 July 15, the Eastern Bluebirds have two new eggs in the nest box that was the subject of a custody dispute explained in my last post.  (Although a Catbird has applied for ownership of the airspace on top of the box because it needs a lookout point.)

Carolina Wren
But as we all know, there are no guarantees in nature. The Bluebirds still face threats to their nest and eggs from wrens and Evil House Sparrows. They have to dodge predators like owls and domestic cats. There is competition for food from Catbirds and Mockingbirds. 

Male Bluebird grabbing mealworms for babies.

The Bluebird parents are still feeding their young from the last brood, which takes energy and attention away from the nest. 
Two hungry baby Bluebirds.

So maybe the only guarantee in nature is that it is always changing.

I know this, but often my brain refuses to accept this as a fact. Then discomfort arises when I refuse to make space for change and begin to think and act like I'm a victim, when, in fact, I do have a choice in how I will respond. And sometimes the response is NOT to respond. 

This is something I have to re-learn every day. Every day, I have to start over and make peace with change. One of my favorite quotes (source unknown): "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional." I choose not to suffer. But tomorrow I will have forgotten that, and will start over. Again.


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